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Getting Light and Breezy for the Summer Mood! Image: Pixabay

There is a good reason why our childhood memories center on long summer nights and bright sunny days. It’s a time for children to get out into the sun and play, and for all of us to enjoy the warmth of a season that promotes joy and activity.

It’s also a time of the year where we have the opportunity to add strong seasonal colors, designs, and details to our homes. Follow us on a color adventure to discover how.


Image: Brina Blum – Unsplash

Summer Color Choices

A summer color palette is about vibrancy and fun and using dashes of color wisely to accentuate natural light filling the home. Bright and fun colors, like yellow, orange, brilliant green, and ultramarine blue can function as fantastic pops of color around the home.

If such bold colors are not exactly to your taste, why not floral color scheme instead? Summer is about getting outside and enjoying the weather, but there’s no reason not to bring that mood indoors. Try out some pastel shades that match with some of your favorite floral colors. To really make lighter colors pop, contrast them with darker shades.

Of Cushions, Curtains, and Flowers

Summer is light, breezy and joyful. Ideally, you want every drop of delightful summer sun to enter your home, especially on long and balmy evenings when the time is just right to invite friends and family over for a get-together or a party. One way to enhance natural light coming into your home is by putting up new curtains in living areas and bedrooms.

For curtains, white is a classic color that will match perfectly with the daylight streaming into your home. Still, you can confidently experiment with floral patterns and palm trees for a tropical look. In the summer, it is also possible to use saturated colors such as bright pink, bright green, warm red, lemon yellow, and cobalt blue. However, take a measured approach to your curtain choice. The weight and thickness are important details for curtains ensure that the curtains you choose are airy enough to allow light and air to flow naturally through them.

Once you’ve decided on your curtains, it’s time to move on to the bedroom and living room throw rugs and cushions. Tropical and floral patterns are fantastic but don’t forget to accentuate using your chosen summer color palette. You can find some additional inspiration here, courtesy of HGTV.

Image: Dan Gold – Unsplash

Going Green

So, you might have your colors, cushions, and curtains all sorted out, but how about adding something organic to your home? It’s hard to beat a clear glass vase of freshly-cut flowers in the kitchen during the summer. By adding some potted plants in well-lit areas, you can draw the eye to them and strengthen a space that is full of life and color.

However, if your plant care skills are a little lacking, air plants are always an option. These plants don’t require soil and are regarded as some of the easiest types to care for. You can read more on how to take care of them here.

The Scent of a Balmy Summer Evening

Science has discovered that our sense of smell is intimately linked with our long-term memories. This means that a waft of familiar smells can trigger a raft of memories. Why not take advantage of this fact in the summertime and buy some scented candles or essential oils for your home?

The summer is all about fresh smells that complement the warm weather. Scents like citrus and fruit have a punch and zest that is enlivening and joyful. Just a few notes of oranges in the air on a hot summer day can make us feel more alive and awake at the moment!

Of course, floral scents are also a popular choice, but it is important to choose lighter floral scents for summer.  

The good news is that there are so many candle choices available, and it’s perfectly acceptable to do some bold scent experimentation. Essential oils and candles such as guava, basil, strawberry, lime, lemon, and grapefruit are all fantastic choices for summer scents around the home.

Furniture and Other Fun Stuff

While you’re busy putting up new curtains, placing light and bright cushions, and smelling gorgeous candles, don’t forget the outdoors. Lots of people love to host friends and family on summer nights and weekends, and the backyard is fantastic for entertaining at these times. So, how can you spruce it up and give it a summer vibe?

Investing in some wicker furniture is a good way to promote a fun summer vibe in an outdoor entertainment area. You can even add some nice potted ferns to make it feel cool and green for those times when you have people over for drinks. And speaking of drinks: how about mixing up a few summer cocktails? Nothing says summer quite like a Mojito or Mai-Tai!


Creating an Inspired Interior Design for the Summer

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