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A Beautiful Kitchen can create a Beautiful Home! Image: Pixabay

It was not so long ago that the kitchen was just a place for preparing food. These days, the kitchen has become the heart of every modern home and is a place where people can gather to chat, relax, eat, and socialize. Such is the flexibility of the modern kitchen that it also has the power to sway potential buyers one way or the other. Put simply, the kitchen has quickly developed to become one of the most important rooms in every modern home.

Style versus Function

When styling your kitchen, it’s always good to keep in mind what you do in your kitchen and where you really need usable space. Unlike some other areas of the home, the kitchen is a multi-functional space. There are food preparation areas and there are dining and social spaces.

The way that you style your kitchen should be a direct reflection of how these spaces are to be used. In practical terms, there are always going to be food preparation areas, such as kitchen benches, that need to be kept clear so that they are usable. Likewise, the dining and social spaces in large open kitchens offer more flexibility in terms of how they can be styled and transformed.

Creating a Minimal Kitchen

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One of the biggest problems that people have with their kitchens is that they just have too much clutter in them! We live in a world of over-packaging and disposable products, so it’s no surprise that there is a desire in many homeowners to go back to basics and create a kitchen that is minimal and sparse.

You may wonder where to start with this process, so here are a few tips on kick-starting your inspiration and falling in love with the minimal vibe:

  •       De-clutter: Most kitchens are filled with flower vases, decorations, papers, photos, wall hangings, and other bits and pieces. Start by clearing off the kitchen benches and putting away everything that isn’t necessary to food preparation. Then, go around and grab vases, photos, and anything else that has been on display for a while. Doing all of this provides you with a clean slate!
  •       Choose new things: Once you have cleared stuff away, it’s time to really think about what you actually need in the kitchen. Just remember: decorations and extra stuff all gather dust, which you’ll need to clean eventually. Maybe you should take out some bowls that you have been meaning to display.

When styling the minimal kitchen space, just keep in mind that it needs to be functional without being cluttered. Emphasize large smooth surfaces and invest in some furniture that matches the minimal look, such as white, chrome, or black bar stools and dining tables.

Source: Unsplash


Extending Functionality

If you find that you are lacking space in your kitchen, it’s time to consider extending the functionality of the area. Adding open shelves to the kitchen is a great way to store spices, jars of pasta, and other food items within easy reach. Why not add some cookbooks as well? There’s nothing like a row of good looking cookbook spines to get the creative juices flowing! Just remember to keep the shelves as clutter-free as possible and only add the kitchen items that you really need.

If shelving sounds a bit too plain and isn’t working for your personal sense of kitchen style, setting up a kitchen island is one of the best three-for-one deals in the home design game. If you have the room for it, and sometimes even if you don’t, the addition of kitchen island is a great opportunity to restructure your space in an efficacious, stylish way. The area can provide additional storage space in the form of under-waist drawers and cupboards. If you’re looking for an intimate way to enjoy dinner , install some overhead lights and a few benches around the island.

Source: Unsplash


Create a Mood with Artwork

If you’ve had the same look in your kitchen for too long, it might be time to add a few pops of color. Abstract artwork is very popular because it’s available in a wide range of styles, including visually arresting and colorful, to hazy and easy to look at.

If your kitchen is styled in a more traditional way, such as a country kitchen, why not choose some artwork that features a classic still life, such as a bowl of fruit or loaves of bread? Nothing is more homely, warmly, welcoming, and rustic than some food artwork to get you and your guests in the right headspace.

Be Inspired to do Something Different!

You’ve re-arranged everything, placed some new furniture, and de-cluttered, so what next? If you’re really looking to do something different, why not paint a chalkboard feature space on a wall?

If you have kids, a chalkboard wall area is a great way to keep them busy when you need some time and space for meal preparation. Special chalk-board paint is available at plenty of hardware stores and using it is just a matter of painting on a few coats. If you’re really inspired, you could even use it to draw up a cool menu for your family and friends!

Source: Unsplash

Digging Further into the Myriad of Kitchen Styles

It is entirely possible to explore kitchen styles and moods in great depth. One can draw inspiration from a wide range of kitchen styles, including minimal, country, contemporary, rustic, Victorian, and Tudor. The most important thing is to have your new kitchen interior be an expression of who you are!

And remember, whether it’s setting up the vision for the room, or installing your new art pieces, we’re always here to help. Follow us to bit.ly/LetsPlott for more information on how to achieve your creative inspiration with Plott and Cubit!  


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