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When kids leave the home, there is suddenly a lot of space!

You’ve spent many years changing diapers, toting the kids to school, participating in weekend sports, and going through the teenage years. Parenting can be a truly thankless job, but one day you’ll find that the kids have all grown up and moved out of the family home.

One day, you’re left with more time and space than you know what to do with. So, what should you do with all of that space? How can you turn those empty bedrooms into something useful?

Should You Downsize?

When the kids have moved out into their own homes and they’re not coming back, some people choose to move out and downsize. This has some benefits in terms of managing a smaller place, and for some people, it’s a good option.

But what if you want to remain in the family home where all of those great memories have been made? What if buying a new property, then redesigning and refitting your life into a completely new space just isn’t a feasible or attractive option?

The issue of downsizing is a purely personal one. Still, there are lots of benefits to keeping the family home. Not only is it comfortable and familiar, but those empty rooms can be renovated and turned into cool and functional spaces. The potential to transform your home will only have just begun when the kids move out!

With Plott and Cubit, setting up many of the details to creating a new room becomes a cinch. Whether it’s measuring and budgeting floor space, or scaling and setting up your wall layouts, there are multiple ways to reimagine and redesign empty rooms, without having to drag furniture around and reconfigure in reality. Simply drag and drop your designs into the Plott template, and later, use Cubit to transmute your digital design into real space, while knowing how everything will look and function before it’s there.

Anyway, let’s get into some of the fantastic ways how can you use those empty bedrooms and transform your home:

The Office You Always Wanted At Home

Lots of people these days find that they are working more and more from home. With the rise of the internet, working from home is not only a convenience, it’s become a necessary part of connecting people tens, hundreds or thousands of miles away to collaborate. Unfortunately, for many parents who are still working, having a home office is not even possible when the kids are taking up all of the space and room. And even if you could turn a small corner of the house into a small office, how much do you really think you’d get done with the kids running around and inviting their loud friends over?

The fact is that lots of empty nest parents are moving from full time to part time work in their later years. Additionally, lots of people in this situation are even looking to start up their own home-based businesses just for something different.

In these cases, utilizing a room for a home office is a no-brainer. Away with the idea of keeping yourself cooped up in the bedroom to work because you can have a whole room dedicated to your work at home!

Setting up a home office requires some thought about not only what kind of space you want to work in, but how you want to inspire your work.

Creating an office at home allows you the freedom to incorporate specific art, storage and organizational spaces, and even more importantly, relaxation areas. A home office should also be open and airy, and natural light is always a plus. Luckily, sunlight is a lot more available in the typical bedroom than it is in a high-rise office.

However, one of the most important details to remember when creating your room is to not overfill the space, and budget what you can fit comfortably according to your space. Clutter is one of the main details to remember to do away with when creating any new space, and it gets no more important than in an office.

The Guest Bedroom

How often have you had friends and family over and haven’t had the space to accommodate them overnight? Why not turn one of the empty bedrooms into a guest bedroom instead?

Creating a guest bedroom is one of the areas of the house where it is often better to stick to the side of being a little less creative. This is, after all, going to be used every now and then for a variety of friends and family. Neutral colors and sparse decorations should be used to impart a nice sense of calm and serenity.

However, if you know your guests (and they know you) there’s nothing wrong with getting a little more creative!

The Home Gym

Your home doesn’t have to stand still just because it’s a little quieter. Why not use one of those empty rooms to get things going with a home gymnasium? Exercise equipment is not super expensive these days, and it’s easy enough to go out and buy a whole heap of top quality gear.

To make it even easier, you can invest some money in a nice treadmill and place a big TV on the wall so that you have something to watch while you work out. Why not also install a Bluetooth stereo system so that you have access to some music too? Finally, you too can experience playing your favorite tracks at a less than reasonable volume!

The Studio

The kids have finally moved out and left you alone. This means that you have a lot more time up your sleeve, but what should you do with all of that time? Having an empty nest can provoke some sadness, but why not use all of that time for those crafts and other hobbies you never had the time for previously?

Whether you’re into sewing, beading, painting, or cultivating your green thumb, that empty bedroom has the potential to be an amazing creative space! Invest some money into shelves, desks, and whatever other tools of the trade you might need so that you can organize the space and make it your own.

Like creating a home office, this is a place to express more of what inspires your own creativity. A hobby room is room to express your artistic side, so there’s no excuse not to get artistic with the design!

Make That Empty Nest Useful Again

When the kids grow up and move out to have their own lives, it can be a pretty sad and sentimental time for the parents left in the family home. The good news is that renovating those empty rooms and making them useful will transform your home and transform your life.

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Ideas for Renovating an Empty Nest

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