Minimalist Room with Art

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The Right Art Can Transform Your Home. Let’s Plott.

If you want to make a change to your home this season, but don’t have a huge budget, hanging some artwork can transform the spirit of any interior space. But not just any art will do. It has to be the right art for space in order to create the right feeling, the right spirit, and the right mood.

If you’re looking for a new way to envision art in your home, make sure to visit to see how Plott and Cubit can give every inch of your wall space a great gallery refresh!

What Can Art Do For Your Home?

The truth is that blank walls can be pretty boring. They might create a minimal space and retain those modern and clean lines throughout your home, but sometimes you just want to change it up a little. The right kind of art hanging on your walls can add movement and new dynamics to a home. The color and movement of the right art adorning the walls creates a dynamic flow throughout the home that truly sets it apart and creates a unique space.

Choosing the Right Kind of Art

In reality, art is a purely subjective thing. What matters most is that the art you choose conveys the tone, the feeling, and the movement that you want to impart to the room and the home as a whole, while flowing with ease into the design or mood of your space.

Whether it is abstract art or representational, the function of art in the home is to create emotion, mood, tone, and atmosphere. It should interact with the environment and the viewer to create a spirit within a room.

You may rush out and buy a piece of artwork that you love, hang it on the wall, and then find that it just doesn’t work for that room. The one thing that you should always do when buying art for your home is to take your time. That, and use Plott.

If you see a piece of framed art that you like, it’s a good idea to work out why you like it. Is it the combination of colors? Is it the movement? Is it the structure? Work out what it is that you like about the artwork and how it makes you feel. Once you have an understanding, you can then try to envision it in a specific room of your home. Or, you can just open the Plott app and pick up your Cubit to get it done.

Why Does Color Matter?

When it comes to changing up your home with some artwork, color matters a lot. For example, art that features light and bright colors tends to have a casual vibe about it. It speaks to a sense of flightiness within us that can make us feel dreamy or whimsical.

Colors can liven up a dreary room or tone down a busy room. For example, your lounge room may feature muted colors, such as beige or white walls. The furniture may be sparse and quite functional. This is the sort of space that could very easily be livened up with a large piece of artwork featuring warm colors and a brighter color palette. Imagine reds, oranges, and yellows in a room that is otherwise quite Spartan.

On the other hand, a room that is small and is a mish-mash of patterned rugs and bright cushions would likely benefit from being toned down a little. The ideal piece of artwork in this space would feature muted colors that are perhaps cooler than the colors already adorning the room.

Does Size Matter?

When it comes to cosign artwork for a home, size definitely does matter! You’d be tempted to think that hanging a large piece of art in a small room would be a mistake, but in actual fact, a large piece of art in such a room can make it feel bigger. This can end up in the type of visual clutter that is wise to avoid when transforming a home.

In a large room, the mistake here would be to hang lots of smaller pieces around the area, but of course, the opposite is true in other rooms. A small room with a gallery wall of smaller photos can add depth of character and detail to a room without much space for expression otherwise.

Where Should You Hang Art In Your Home?

You may have invested in a whole bunch of framed art, but where should you hang them? In practical terms, you can put them anywhere in your home. After all, even if a piece doesn’t look great in one room you can always switch it for another. So why not experiment a little in this area?

In general, here are some rooms that will definitely benefit from some artwork:

  • The kitchen:

    The kitchen is one of the places in the home where color can also unapologetically reign supreme. The modern kitchen is at the center of most homes. It is where we eat, where we socialize, and where we hang out. This is the one room that will most definitely benefit from the right artwork!

  • The master bedroom:

    This is one room in the home that should always be about serenity, relaxation, and getting away from the noise of the outside world. Choose a piece of artwork here that reflects a sense of peace and serenity. Abstract art that features soothing and muted color tones works well in the master bedroom. A large piece right above the head of the bed is the classic hanging space.

  • Family room areas:

    The lounge room or family room area is the one place in the home where people spend a lot of time. It is also the best place for art experimentation! Since many family room areas are so big, they can definitely benefit from very large and outlandish pieces of art. This is where you might experiment with artwork that is highly structured or even very busy in feel.

Scandinavian Bedroom Style With Art

Go With Your Instincts

All homes can definitely benefit from artwork, but lots of people feel intimidated at the thought of choosing the right art for their homes. The good news here is that art is most definitely subjective, and even though there are certain common sense rules that apply, just experimenting with art can lead to the best results!



How to Drastically Change Up Your Home with Art

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