modern home design for autumn

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modern home design for autumn

The crisp and chilly mornings of autumn provide plenty of inspiration for your home design.

We’re a month out from Cubit season, but let’s get into autumn first!

Autumn is often a lovely and refreshing change after the stifling heat of summer. It is a season that is all about change and transformation as many trees lose their leaves and stand out in stark silhouette against the amber glow that often characterizes the sunrises and sunsets at this time of the year. It’s also a great time to spruce up the home and make some theme and style changes that will reflect the Autumnal spirit!

The darker shades of autumn


Whilst we usually associate colors like red, burnt orange, green, and yellow with autumn, the truth is that the season also has another side to it. Autumn is also about renewal, chilly mornings, and preparing for winter. Just as summer is all about bright colors and outdoor activities, autumn has a more somber mood. So, why not dig into cooler colors of the autumn season and add some inspiration to your home?

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Color choices for an Autumn Home Design


A change of seasons provides a great excuse to do some styling and theming around the home. Autumn is full of color possibilities, and people choose to focus on the lighter and brighter sides of the season. Still, autumn has a darker side to it, and it’s worth exploring. By doing so,  your home can make a unique and powerful statement.

Think about the cool mornings of mid to late autumn. The freshness in the air and the foggy mornings can seem like a bit of a downer after the warmth and brightness of summer, but it also provides great possibilities in terms of a basic autumn color palette.

Earthy colors are your go-to color choices here. Rich chocolate browns, hazelnut, and lovely cream white can provide a sense of warmth without feeling too summery and frivolous. To add some color contrast, try deeper blues, such as navy blue.

The earth tones reflect the natural feel of autumn, and the addition of dark blue reflects the freshness and coolness of the season. The combination tones down the whole feel of summer. It’s moody, subdued, and a little bit melancholy.

lighter colored wood furniture and bohemian rugs

Choosing a darker and more subdued color palette is a fantastic way to pay homage to autumn and will stand in stark contrast pastels and bright colors of summer. If earthy tones aren’t your thing, you can always go with burgundy, red wine, plum, golden yellow, and emerald. Here, let your intuition guide you.

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Fall fabrics, furniture, and textures


The cooler weather in autumn also means that we wear warmer clothing. The lightness of summer has gone and we’re all about putting on the coats and jackets when we go out of the house. It’s also a time when we might reach for the scarf some mornings.

It’s time to break out the big cushions, fuzzy blankets, and warm throw rugs. You could keep to your earthy and cooler color choices, but if you really want to make a statement, black is all the rage. It’s a tone choice you really want to use sparingly because too much black can make a room feel small, but using it as an accent can draw the eye.

dark gray sofa and orange pillow home design

Plump black cushions, or even deep grays, reflect the melancholy moods of the autumn season and can provide plenty of visual contrast against lighter colors, such as creamy white and hazelnut. Similarly, carefully chosen throw rugs that complement an earthy color palette can really set-off a room.

One other thing to try is oversizing your decorative choices for the autumn season. Because autumn is also about keeping warm and wearing big and bulky jumpers and jackets, you can reflect this in your home. Choose big plump cushions, oversized rugs, and deep-seated comfy furniture that you can sink into on those crisp morning and cold nights!

If you’re into textures, autumn is a great time to go crazy. Choose rattan and rough looking timber finishes to reflect the natural vibe of the season and complement the earthy color tones. If you want to spread around some rugs and patterned cushions, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a rough textured weave. It’s tactile, natural, organic, and earthy – just perfect for autumn!

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Shine a Light on Autumn!


It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but industrial styled fixtures are more popular than ever in 2018. If you want a crisp autumn look it’s important not to choose lighting that is too garish and ostentatious. Stick to minimal designs that will fade into the background in a home, rather than stand out as a visual feature.

If you don’t really enjoy a cold industrial style, you could reflect the warmer elements of the season by choosing brushed copper or bronze. If you want something a little more natural and organic, why not invest in a few tripod floor lamps with a simple white shade and wooden legs? Just make sure that any lighting you choose is simple and minimal in design.


Autumn Home Redesign Tips and Trends

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