Is 2019 the year that inspires you to redesign your home interior?

It might be, especially if you visit us at CES in Las Vegas! Home design and tech are moving hand in hand within the tech space, and it’s easier than ever to reimagine your home because of it! Learn how you can restructure and reimagine your design with Plott and Cubit at our show booth!

Every year represents an opportunity to follow some of the major home interior design trends and think about how best to make a change to one’s home. One of the biggest movers in recent years has been the push of smart technology into homes right across the country, and 2019 is shaping up to be another year where technology features quite heavily.

Here are five of the biggest home design movers that are expected to shape 2019:


  1. Blacks and blues

One of the most interesting colors of 2019 is blue. In fact, one large company has even chosen certain shades of blue as their color choice for the year.

Warmer blues have made something of a comeback and the mid-tonal blues are set to make a bit of a splash in 2019. If you’re happy with the color choices around your home on the walls, why not pay homage to the warm blue mid-tones with denim-inspired cushions and pillows? Accenting the walls with blue inspired artwork is also a great choice.

It seems that black is never far away when it comes to home design and 2019 is all about the darker colors. Black is a true classic when it comes to home design and it really does make for a strong visual impression. If you’re going for both blues and blacks in your home, just make sure they don’t completely dominate the interior.

Chrome and steel have been around for a while now when it comes to home appliances in places like the kitchen, but 2019 is all about using blacks as accents. Shiny and matte black make a bold statement when it comes to kitchen countertops, appliances, and kitchen cabinets. If you’re feeling truly bold, curvy black furniture makes for an outstanding statement in the right places of the home.


  1. Natural textures and materials

Merging outdoor and indoor spaces has been a trend in home design for some time and it is set to continue in 2019. Where this is showing up most is in the use of natural textures and elements making their way into the home. Wood, natural fibers, and even rattan are all great choices for blending the outdoors with the indoors. The influence of this styling has ma

Speaking of textures – Terrazzo is making a bit of a comeback in home interior design. It was popular in the 80s as a durable floor covering and is a hard stone-like material that features tiny speckles. It has moved from being a floor covering to making a great kitchen countertop that is visually appealing and bold.

  1. The serene bathroom

The bathroom has always been one of the most interesting rooms of the home. It is an incredibly practical space, but it is also used heavily on a daily basis. It has also seen a great many changes over the years as it has become more integrated with the rest of the home in terms of style and mood.

The good news is that 2019 is the year of the bathroom in many ways. One of the most interesting home design trends in the bathroom as a relaxed and serene space. It is still a practical space, but this is offset by its new role as a space for personal well-being.

Life is stressful and the bathroom offers a private and serene space where a person can relax for a while. In this context, the bathroom design trends for 2019 include:

  • Small seating spaces,
  • The addition of luxurious soft accessories, such as cushions,
  • Dimmer controls on lighting features.


One trend we’re hoping to see are calm, yet more positive and bold impressions from our bathrooms! Returning to the subject of colors, Pantone’s 2019 color of the year is Coral. Can you picture yourself utilizing a shade like this to brighten your space?

  1. The healthy lifestyle kitchen

Every year, it seems as though the kitchen receives a whole lot of design attention. Over the course of less than a century, the kitchen has gone from a food preparation area to one where people can spend time and relax.


In the same way that the bathroom is evolving to become a space for personal well-being, the kitchen is also set to follow a similar design trend. These days, ethically sourced food, the environment, healthy eating, and sustainability are all the rage. One of the most exciting design trends in 2019 is the kitchen as a health and wellness center in the home. This is expected to show up in the following ways:

  • The use of small-scale indoor growth habitats for herbs and other foods,
  • Incorporating the use of recycled and sustainable materials, and natural tiling or tones.
  • Kitchen designs that emphasize the social nature of the kitchen,
  • The use of transparent food storage areas to make healthy food a visual part of the kitchen experience.

It’s also expected that the use of soothing colors, such as pastels, and softer matte finishes on appliances and hard surfaces will feature heavily in 2019.

  1. AI right at home

Perhaps the most exciting home trend of 2019 is the continued popularity of the digital assistant. Products such as Google Home and Amazon Echo have proved to be incredibly popular with homeowners across the country, and 2019 is expected to be even bigger.

The time where interior designers can conveniently design without these products appearing in some way is gone. Designs have gone digital and, developing rapidly, 2019 will see their presence in the home become stronger. The idea of being able to tie a number of services into one single automated AI assistant is appealing to people, and it is now possible to control lighting, media systems, window blinds, home heating and cooling, and other things from a single central hub.

Of course, the trend of a digital assistant is nothing without the products that speak its language. Not only are these products becoming more and more commonplace, but they are also becoming less overstated, and more in-line with any bespoke styling you’d like for your design.

Once upon a time, professional implementation was almost a necessity for projects like camera installation or surround sound setups. Now, with wireless connections, dynamic digital settings and little more than one or two wall plugs per product, the process of tucking wires and measuring distance is little more than matching your design to a wall outlet. Once you’ve got that, you’re good to go for simply imagining a creative design.

Make 2019 the year for a home design makeover

There are plenty of exciting home design trends to take advantage of in 2019. Whether you go the whole way and redesign your entire home, or you just dip your toes into the design trends that appeal to you, 2019 is set to be very interesting indeed! If you need inspiration or help visualizing or creating a design, Cubit will be here for you!

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Five Home Design Trends to Look out for in 2019

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