Social isolating & the quarantine life can be a nice little break from life itself. But after binge watching every last “trending now” feature on Netflix & then diving deep into the next serial killer docu-series and realizing that you are in fact NOT the actual lead FBI Agent on the case, cabin fever could really set in.

Good thing Plott’s here to help combat going stir crazy while stuck indoors. Here are 4

guaranteed to relieve cabin fever

Interior DIY Projects to start today, and with Plott’s app and connected tools hardware these projects will be done in no time!

1. Hang some Art!








Dress up the walls! Leaving your space blank and bare can really bring down the  whole mood of the area. Since you’re stuck staring at the walls anyhow why not make them something visually appealing. 

Framed artwork brings personalization and sophistication to a blank wall. Whether it be a piece by your favorite famous artist or a Tuesday afternoon doodle by your toddler, hanging it in your room brings a little bit of you to the space. Check out how Katrina Blair hung her artwork to upgrade her home dining experience!

2. Build Your Own Barn Door

Barn doors are an inexpensive and super easy way to kick your home interior up a notch! Besides saving space, a simple barn door adds a bit of character to the simplest of rooms.

We loved reading how Kourtni at House on Longwood Lane created her laundry barn door look. She shows you just how she did hers in 5 simple steps! 

3. Style the Piano


Just because it’s an instrument doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve some interior decor TLC! Whitney J Decor wanted to put a modern touch over her vintage style piano but wasn’t sure which direction she was set on. How did she decide? Click to see her process!

4. Paint!

There truly is no better refresh than a fresh paint job. Besides naturally relieving stress and providing relaxation, totally changing up the color of the walls makes the space feel brand spankin’ new! And just th e act of painting could alleviate the quarantine provoked anxiety too. Win, win!


Whether it’s hanging artwork, building barn doors or painting a wall, there’s always Plott to guide you through the process!

Plott lets you digitally view and design every nook and cranny of your own home in real time! Just aim your smartphone camera at the desired space, add your artwork options and drag, drop and align your very own virtual design. To make what you designed on your smartphone a reality, simply connect to Cubit, Plott’s connected tools hardware, to guide you through the installation process.






Cubit also has various measurement capabilities. Use the small measuring wheel on the bottom corner to drag across a frame, mirror, shelf etc. for a quick measurement. Or use Cubit’s dual lasers to get a length, width and even an area at the click of a button.


Stay Healthy & Happy Plotting!

4 Home Interior DIY Projects to Avoid Cabin Fever

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