A home trend that is truly becoming more of a home necessity. It is proven that being outside actually lifts your mood & since not everyone has a backyard, garden or balcony, we want to show you that you don’t need one to feel that outdoorsy vibe. So if we can’t be outdoors as much as we would enjoy, we find ways to bring it inside with us! 


Interior design & decor choices can tactically mimic that fresh feeling of nature. From strategically placing different plants and flowers to opting for curtains over blinds, there are plenty of ways to make being inside as uplifting as being out!


Plants & Flowers EVERYWHERE


Adding potted plants and fresh flowers immediately – and literally – breathes life into any space. When most people start decorating this way they tend to overdose on greenery. Instead of just buying all the plants at the nursery, try to design each space in odd numbers. So instead of having two little plants on the shelf try three! It’s an easy and quick styling trick that is naturally a bit more pleasing to the eye.


Don’t have a shelf in the space you’re trying to style? No problem. There are plenty of other options to choose from. Hanging planters adds a crazy amount of character to any nook inside your home! Or just by placing a big ol’ fiddle leaf fig in the corner of your living area can really bring in that natural nuance the room was craving.


Whichever greenery you choose, just remember to style in odd numbers!


Utilize Natural Materials


Wood, bamboo, brick, stone, wicker, rattan, and jute are all materials taken from nature or inspired by nature that are easy to use in the design and decor of your home. These materials can be a part of furniture, flooring or decor pieces like baskets, rugs and even lampshades! Other pieces taken from the outdoors like sea shells, tree branches, rocks or jars of beach sand can add natural elements to your shelves or walls too.



You can also take advantage of your other senses besides sight to simulate the feeling of being outside. Similarly to the sounds of running water in a luxury spa, you can mimic the natural sounds of rain, wind or waves at the beach in your own home. Even adding woodsy scents or floral potpourri can trick the mind into believing that they are actually outside and not in.


Take Advantage of Windows


As humans, that breath of fresh air is something we all require to feel alive and at peace. Occasionally opening the windows and allowing that natural breeze to flow through your interior is as much necessary as it is relaxing. Make sure your windows have screens though, as much as we love the fresh air, most of us do not enjoy the bugs that come with it.



Other than the nice air an open window provides, the view is just as important. If you have any bushes or overgrown landscaping in your windows way, clean it up! 


Use Earthy Colors


Greens, blues and even yellows are colors inspired by the outdoors. Green is reminiscent of the earth and the grass, blue is a refreshing reminder of water and sky, and yellow evokes the presence of the sun. Even adding neutral tones like whites, tans and beiges to your interior can make the space feel more natural and clean. Add these earthy tones anywhere around your home. Walls, curtains, sheets or in the decor pieces you choose to decorate with!



Let in Natural Light


If you’re decorating your interior with our first suggested tip (plants & flowers EVERYWHERE) you’re going to want to try this one too! Plants need natural sunlight to thrive, especially indoors. Hanging light, sheer curtains can also allow the light to shine in without having to draw them back. The best part about natural light? It’s FREE! As soon as the sunlight hits your space you’ll feel the outdoors pouring into your interior. If possible try to add a few skylight windows to your ceiling for some extra natural light!



Bring the Outdoors In

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