Every DIYer Mom has a list somewhere of exciting tools, new materials, and invigorating projects to be done around the house. Especially after the last few weeks, the walls need a change, and Mom is the first one on it! We’ve got the perfect gifts for her, from you – scroll the list!


Hexagon Shelves


These trendy shelves instantly add aesthetic to empty walls! Perfect to buy already assembled & give, or get Mom the materials to build it herself. Not sure what she’ll need? Family Handyman has the best article with all the materials & instructions!


Spray Paint Gun



Any quick, easy and fun DIY project includes paint in the supplies list. The best way to paint? With a spray painter! Spray Painting makes updating anything super fast and trouble-free. It’s simple to use and will give Mom a new sense of power! We should warn you though, many things will be painted at blinding speed!


Personalized Hammer



A hammer is probably the first tool anyone has ever added to their tool bag without even noticing. Usually hidden way back in the junk drawer, but eventually you do find it! Why not kick the boring hammer in the drawer up a notch? A personalized “For Mom” hammer is unique and completely one of a kind! Whether it’s just Mom’s initials, her full name, or a favorite quote – we guarantee Mom is going to love this one! Etsy has plenty of personalized gifts, check it out.


Leather Tool Bag



DIYers everywhere cherish their tools, so they need somewhere to keep them safe! Give her tools the home they deserve. The collision of stylish meets organization, we promise, Mom is going to love! We love this one from Garret Wade!




A serious DIY essential! Cubit makes any and all DIY projects easier and faster. With a dual laser measurement system, measuring wheel and connected app, projects can be done in a flash! No need for tedious calculations or just imagining what a project will look like. View your design virtually with the Augmented Reality feature on the Plott app and Cubit will guide you to the points necessary to finish your project and make your design dream a reality!


Perfect Gifts for the DIYer Mom

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