After weeks of working from the kitchen table, I decided it was time to turn the random storage nook in my room into a full on office space! This little nook always had potential, but before quarantine and social distancing, it never got the attention the space truly deserved. When two weeks of working from home turned into 3 months and ultimately indefinitely, I knew it was time to take advantage of the extra square footage.



The first thing I did was take measurements of the nook to see exactly how much space I had to work with. I knew I absolutely needed a desk and chair to fit in the space if I wanted the nook to be utilized to its full potential. I definitely didn’t want to accidentally order a desk that was too big for the nook so the accuracy of these measurements was super important.








To take the measurements I used Cubit, which was so much easier than trying to wrangle a measuring tape all by myself! Cubit uses two lasers to measure both length and width at the same time with a click of a button. Connected to the Plott app on my smartphone, I was able to switch measurement units from centimeters to inches to feet with inches too. To get all the measurements it took me five minutes at most! Yes, you heard that right! So quick!


After I collected all the measurements I did some online shopping. Sifted through tons of pages on Ikea, Target, even Walmart before I found a few things on Wayfair that I just instantly fell in love with. The desk was most important to me so that was what I looked for first. Double checked the measurements to make sure it would fit in the space and then chose the chair and rug to match. Here’s what I went with:








Union Rusic Coleen Desk

Ebern Designs Sorrento Task Chair

World Menagerie Giacinto Oriental Power Loom Area Rug




Finally after 2 hours of piecing together the desk and the chair my nook became the ultimate home office space. The desk fit perfectly with a few inches on either side and the area rug was the perfect size for the space.

Up next… decor! Stay tuned!

Storage Nook to Home Office

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